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THE PRO-TEENS: Doomsday b/w Curls (Vinyl 7″)

THE PRO-TEENS: Doomsday b/w Curls (Vinyl 7Melbourne’s instrumental cinematic funk outfit The Pro-Teens follow-up their DOOM covers 45 Peachfuzz from back in October last year with another brace of DOOM covers. This time around the A-side is DOOM’s Operation Doomsday LP (almost) title cut, Doomsday which gets a makeover and comes out sounding like blissed-out seventies soul. Actually, it’s not quite completely instrumental since singer ‘Polly The Invincible

THE PRO-TEENS: Peachfuzz b/w One Beer (Vinyl 7″)

THE PRO-TEENS: Peach Fuzz b/w One Beer (Vinyl 7The next vinyl 7″ from Melbourne’s The Pro-Teens finds the instrumental outfit delivering a double celebration of the work of Daniel Dumile with covers of tracks from two different eras of the man’s work. On the one side, KMD’s Peachfuzz from their first LP Mr Hood gets transformed into a lo-fi cinematic groove with fuzzy distorted bass while on the other it’s the turn of MF Doom cut