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THE NICEGUYS: Hacienda Funk

THE NICEGUYS:  Hacienda FunkPossibly figuring that an EP entitled That Ass might send out the wrong kind of message in these times of renewed enquiry into gender politics, The Niceguys (or Bombstrikes) have plumped for sort of naming it after the ‘other’ track Valley Hacienda. And if Hacienda Funk possibly conjures madcap ‘Madchester’-style fun for a few aging musos (which this release definitely does not

TURNTILL: TCF Rock Riddim (Remixed) (2016)

TCF Rock Riddim Remixed TurntillBack last year aways, DJ Turntill of Swiss crew The Chosen Few set out to make a single reggae track. Remember that fact, it’s important – a single reggae track. However, being a musically well-connected sort (due to his label and crew The Chosen Few) one thing led to another and he ended up with no fewer than twenty different vocal versions of said riddim released as TCF Rock

GHETTO FUNK presents: THE NICEGUYS (GFPD24)(2016) Free download

The Niceguys Ghetto Funk presentsIf you’ve been missing action from the Ghetto Funk label lately, now’s the time to get your download on as the latest in the Ghetto Funk presents… series is a second four tracker on the label from The Niceguys. This time around Seniorr, Headrush and Luz Vegas get busy with breaks and glitches and mix in Edwin Starr, the Beasties, JB, Kool DJ AJ and The Mohawks, among others, for reliable

THE NICEGUYS: Rock Me EP (2015)

Rock Me The NiceguysThey might come from the land of Emmenthal but there’s no Swiss cheese on this new three-tracker from The Niceguys. Well I say three-tracker, it’s a two-tracker plus a dub of the title cut really. First up is Dirty Banger which embodies its name by upping the ante on that M.O.P. track with synth sounds so abrasive they could saw through wood – handy as the bathroom at Monkeyboxing Towers is

GHETTO FUNK presents: THE NICEGUYS (GFPD19) (2014) Free download from 24 October

The Niceguys Ghetto Funk presentsWarping electro blues devastation? Biggie and Ludacris-drenched ghetto-Meters? Jump-up jungle with huge 808 stabs the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the glory days of Aphrodite laced with Public Enemy shutting ’em down? A burly ghetto funk rerub of Rufus Thomas’ Funky Bird? Welcome to the world of The Niceguys my friends. A place of free delights – at least for now