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THE NEW BUZZ & KARL S WILLIAMS: Valley Of Silence 45 (2017)

THE NEW BUZZ & KARL S WILLIAMS:  Valley Of Silence b/w Brisket Bits 45Bringing the soul fuzz on this 45 are The New Buzz & Karl S Williams – the latter joining the Brisbane outfit to lend a southern rasp to torch song Valley Of Silence on the A-side of their new seven inch. Initially, it’s all about the low ‘n slow as Williams smoulders along to brooding organ and tremolo guitar but eventually things build to an epic psych-fuzz outro and Williams in soul overdrive. There’re

THE NEW BUZZ feat. JESS LEAN: ‘Like We Used To’ 7″ (2016)

like-we-used-to-the-new-buzzThere was a time a year or two ago where you couldn’t move for tripping over yet another new funk/ soul outfit from Oz – probably from Melbourne. But if things have been quiet on that score recently, Brisbane’s The New Buzz are here to put things to right with their debut 45 which offers up two rather different but both highly promising bumps, off the ground. A-side Like We