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THE MELTDOWN: Side By SideRight, here’s The Meltdown. What? Not again! You’re such a catastrophist – every silver lining’s got a cloud; there’s no problem too small to become a massive…what? Oh right, Melbourne band The Meltdown. Well why didn’t you say so?  Oh and their new single Side By Side too. About as far from a raging musical meltdown as you could imagine and rather more soulful balm for a

THE MELTDOWN: The Meltdown (2017)

Looks like Melbourne outfit The Meltdown are all set to do for country soul what Smoove & Turrell are doing for disco and northern soul and Ephemerals are doing for soul, which is to say side-stepping the temptations of the retro-authentic route and putting a twenty-first spin on their chosen genre without losing a sense of the sixties and seventies roots of the music. Also, as in