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THE KINKY COO-COOS: Mean Machine EP – 2009 – review

Rating: ★★★★½

Guitar and horns on the off-beat? Vocals with real soul? Yup it’s the authentic sound of Jamaican ska – and we all know where that comes from don’t we? That’s right. Barcelona. Well – it does now anyway. Crazy Catalonians The Kinky-Coo-Coos have been dropping tunes for over five years with enough authentic skank in them to make you think a long-lost piece of Studio One history has been found mouldering under a pile of junk somewhere, dusted off and given a proper release. This four-tracker mixes up ska and rocksteady with both vocal tracks and an instrumental. Should you be in any doubt of the the band’s credentials you only need to check the ska-bomb of Something’s Got A Hold On Me or the slower more rocksteady influences of On Monday, where not-so-secret weapons – vocalists Gemma and Leire – quite clearly run tings.
Out now.

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