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ANDY COOPER: The Man (Vinyl 7″)

ANDY COOPER: The ManIt’s time to welcome back Long Beach M.C. Andy Cooper with the first single off his forthcoming next solo LP L.I.S.T.E.N. entitled The Man. Clearly AC decided to err on the side of caution title-wise instead of running with the rather more exciting Zulu Space Anus (as previously promised on the ‘Gram) so that the monkey would find it harder to work into a sentence. A craven u-turn, I think

OMAR: The Man (2013) + video

Contemporary soul legend Omar is back with the title track off forthcoming album The Man and, if I hear him right, he’s become a man now that he’s not trying to be the man. Apparently he did,” some things that..[he]…should not have done, just trying to be the man.” Glad we’ve got that cleared up. Musically, the tension between who he was before and who he is now is captured by the juxtaposition