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CHILL BUMP: ‘Home Sweet Home’ video (2013)

Home is great. We can all put our feet on the furniture, fart with abandon whenever we damn well please and every Thursday is ‘nude day’. But hang on – Home Sweet Home isn’t a straightforward paean to home living. No. Because Chill Bump rapper Miscellaneous narrates from the point of view of a vinyl record. What?! Unexpected item in bagging area! Yep, he’s an album

CHILL BUMP: The Loop EP (2012) free download + ‘Eponym’ video

Chill Bump’s new free-to-download EP The Loop opens with this sample – “This is the first thing out of your mouth, the first thing they’re gonna hear from you and it’s got to be strong. It’s got to make the audience say – ‘hey!!!'”. Which is exactly what I said when I heard the first track – massive blues-based party-starting bump Eponym. Actually, it was more than that – I also thought, ‘that’ll sound good