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THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM: Extended Teaser (2017)

LIBRARY MUSIC FILM:  Extended Teaser (2017)Those MB readers with a good ear for samples (not to mention a penchant for using them) may remember news last year of a fundraising campaign to finance multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee’s labour-of-love documentary film about library music entitled – perhaps unsurprisingly – The Library Music Film. Clearly a staggering number of people have the excellent taste to have

THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM: Indiegogo campaign (2016)

Shawn Lee Library Music FilmProducer, multi-instrumentalist and library music fanatic Shawn Lee has decided that library music – aka the soundtrack to the TV programmes of your youth (if you were a 60s, 70s and 80s kid) – hasn’t had enough love and what better way to show some than by making a documentary about the genre – The Library Music Film? Library music? Yeah – you know the sort of thing – like