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JOHN TURRELL: The Kingmaker Remixed Pt 2

JOHN TURRELL: The Kingmaker Remixed Pt 2 When John Turrell got a well-deserved re-release of his solo debut album, The Kingmaker, last year on Jalapeno Records, it was surely only a matter of time before the remix package came out. Or rather packages since this is The Kingmaker Remixed Part 2. But where on earth was the singing half of Smoove & Turrell (the jewel in the crown of Jalapeno Records’ artist

JOHN TURRELL: The Kingmaker (2017)

JOHN TURRELL:  The KingmakerRating: ★★★★★ Stop what yas deein and listen up. Wor John released an album a few years ago and ye meet have missed it. Nivvor mind that though since the monkey’ll be gannin on aboot it for a few lines now ta fill ye in like. What really? A re-release of John Turrell’s 2013 debut solo LP The Kingmaker already? Even back then the man was singer in the Craig Charles’ Fantasy Funk Band by