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THE KILLER METERS: Freak/ Stomp – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★★

The Killer Meters don’t do Meters’ covers anymore. Well, they probably do, but they’re more interested in stuff like this now. By ‘stuff like this’ read filthy and super-heavy Betty Davis’ style funk with a few later seventies frills’ like pitch bending synths on the aptly named Freak and super heavy northern soul in the form of Stomp with a few gritty edges like an almost garage-rock guitar. In fact whatever they’re doing, it’s probably super heavy. “I can’t take my eyes off the beat/ And he can’t take his eyes off of me,” sings Karime Kendra. I have no doubts about that whatsoever.
Out 1 June on Breakin Bread

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1. (NEW) THE REGALS – Sure Taking Care Of Me (Single)(Jupiter Finland)
Comes on like Tom Jones singing a mental funk soul bomb. Proof that sometimes B sides are better!

2. (NEW) DA WIESEL – Cool Hot Grits – (Single)(Sunsetsoul)
Another One Bites the Dust B-line? Roots Manuva? Why aren’t you dancing?

3. (NEW) UGLY DUCKLING – Right Now (Audacity LP) (Fat Beats)
Einstein digs deep in the vintage funk, Andy C and Dizzy start the party.

4. (NEW) SIR BEANS OBE feat. Koaste – The Jingle (Unreleased)
Yet another massive cut from Beans topped with tight rhymes from Koaste.

5. (NEW) BLU – We Got U (A Day Late, A Dollar Short LP) (Unreleased)
Coast to coast unite! Super mellow flows from L.A.’s Blu; dope beats from NY’s Sene.

6. (NEW) BETTY DAVIS – Come Take Me
The original queen of filthy funk rock pops up on dope re-press.
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7. (NEW) THE KILLER METERS – Dance, Move, Shake! (Single) (Breakin Bread)
Massive slice of funk-rock with vocalist Karime Kendra coming on like Betty Davis.

8. (5) ANDY TAYLOR feat. Louisa Rox (Unreleased)
Ridiculously euphoric funky anthem. 3rd month in the chart!

9. (NEW) K DELIGHT – The Life & Times Of A Scratch Machine
11 minute scratch extravaganza.

10. (10) T-BIRD & THE BREAKS – Juice (Learn About It LP)(Unreleased)
Funky-ass soul so raw it’s still bleeding.

THE KILLER METERS – Dance Move Shake/ Black Mountain – 2008 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★☆

I never used to understand the point of The Killer Meters who started off as a Meters covers band. Happily they’ve given themselves a point by hooking up with vocalist Karime Kendra and dropping two massive slices of original funk-rock the like of which hasn’t been seen since Betty Davis vanished off the scene. Er – that’s it basically.
Out now on Breakin Bread

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