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THE HEMPOLICS: Gotta ThingAhead of new LP, Kiss Cuddle & Torture Vol. 2, The Hempolics release new single Gotta Thing. And while what they’ve got might start all innocuously as stateside rapper Cojack delivers half minute of bars over a beatless, bass n FX groove, things soon switch up into a mellow 129 bpm skank. Mellow 129 bpm skank?! Yep – it’ll be the weed influence – though, thinking about it, they might


THE HEMPOLICS: BongadashiThe new Hempolics album, Kiss, Cuddle & Torture: Volume 2, is due in April but before that check new single Bongadashi. Where previous ones Play On, and Full of Surprises have seen female vocalist Nubiya Brandon head things in a reggae soul direction and a reggae/ trip-hop direction respectively, Bongadashi is an altogether scuzzier male vocal affair on a digi-dub tip. All of which

THE HEMPOLICS: Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol. 1 (2017)

THE HEMPOLICS:  Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol. 1 (2017)After a number of respectable singles of their own (the dreamy Boss Clock Me Style, the rootsy High & Gritty and the dubby Me Love To Sing) not to mention the best remix of Ghost Writerz’ recent They Wanna Know single, The Hempolics finally drop their debut full-length effort with Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol. 1. It’s a title which makes reference to the songwriting process and the varying

THE HEMPOLICS: Boss Clock Me Style (2017)

THE HEMPOLICS:  Boss Clock Me StyleBoss Clock Me Style sings vocalist Nubiya Brandon on the Hempolics new single. Punctuation commandos will note the lack of a comma after ‘Boss’ which is salient because it indicates that far from airily requesting her line manager to check how she rolls what she’s actually doing is lamenting her superior’s rather unhealthy interest in her. The sex pest. “What am I to do?” She

THE HEMPOLICS: High & Gritty (2017) + video

THE HEMPOLICS: High & Gritty (2017) + videoThe Hempolics return with a new single showcasing their particular brand of soul and hip-hop infused dub-reggae in the form of High & Gritty. Said song apparently relates the love affair between band leader Grippa and a Mexican senorita and is remixed by no fewer than four bashment bandits – Fleck, Dubmatix, the ever-reliable DJ Maars and the splendidly-named

THE HEMPOLICS: Me Love To Sing Remixes (2016)

me-love-to-sing-the-hempolics-remixesThe Hempolics – them love to sing. Well – it’s right there in the title of their lilting skank of a summer hit Me Love To Sing isn’t it? Of course there’s also them that love to remix – Mungo’s Hi-Fi for one, DJ Vadim for another and Loggi for a third. And some of them know other people besides vocalist Dandelion who love to sing – or at least toast – like Solo Banton and Horseman. Yes