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THE HAGGIS HORNS feat. LUCINDA SLIM: World Gone Crazy (2017)

THE HAGGIS HORNS feat. LUCINDA SLIM:  World Gone CrazyThe Haggis Horns follow-up the spring release of Doc Brown-featuring single Take It back by teaming up with singer Lucinda Slim for World Gone Crazy. World gone crazy? How apt a title in a world where an American president who acts like an overgrown baby is so repellent he actually makes you want to cheer on a totalitarian dictator who looks like an overgrown baby. And that’s just

THE HAGGIS HORNS feat. DOC BROWN: Take It Back (2017)

THE HAGGIS HORNS feat. DOC BROWN:  Take It BackFunky UK boom-bap in the area! It’s Take It Back, the new Haggis Horns 45 on which the seven-piece have got the groove locked in the pocket while emcee Doc Brown takes to the mic. Can he get a soul clap? Yes! Does he care if this sort of bump is old hat? Hell no – because this is the ‘Horns take on a party-oriented summer single and the first taster of what is to come in the form of their

THE HAGGIS HORNS: What Comes To Mind (2015)

What Comes To Mind Haggis HornsWhat comes to mind when you hear the words ‘haggis’ and ‘horns’ together? Quite possibly it’s a traditional savoury pudding consisting of meat and herbs stuffed inside an animal’s stomach walking around with a viking helmet on but more likely its seven-piece, Leeds-based, brass-toting, funky jam band The Haggis Horns. Now with a release history ten years old, multiple singles and two

THE HAGGIS HORNS: Return Of The Haggis EP (2015)

Return Of The Haggis Haggis HornsThe Haggis Horns provide an hors d’oeuvre before the main course of their What Comes To Mind LP in autumn with this EP Return Of The Haggis. The three-tracker opens with Keb Darge’s missus Lucinda Slim gracing the boogie funk of Can’t Stop The Feeling with a smooth vocal soul turn, and closes with a boogie-tinged remix of the band’s Hot Damn single featuring John McCallum

FIRST WORD RECORDS: First Word Is 7 (2011) – free download

“Funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, beats and beyond” – here’s a drop that’s right up the monkey’s street and it’s freer than Mr Humphries from Are You Being Served on his day off. Leeds-based First Word Records is seven years old (hence the title First Word Is 7) and by way of celebration they’ve put up an album for download gratis. It’s not to be sniffed at either with the likes of Kid Kanevil, Souleance, 6IX Toys, and The Haggis Horns