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THE GETUP: Gold Digger/ Fat Pat’s Kitchen (2016)

Gold Digger Fat Pats Kitchen The GetupUK funk outfit The Getup return shortly for a jaunty double tilt at dancefloors with their new 45. On A-side Gold Digger, vocalist Sasha Patterson (a.k.a Sasha Goodman) is enlisted to provide suckers everywhere with the 411 on the behaviour of certain single ladies, just in case the lessons of the Kanye track (no relation to this one by the way) have been overlooked. On the flip, the

THE GETUP: What If?/ Ooh Ooh (2014)

What If  Ooh Ooh The GetupThe Getup provide a chugging, if acid-jazz-flavoured, female vocal-led funk workout here on A-side What If? and a hectic JTQ-ish hammond bash on the flip. As long-time readers might imagine, Monkeyboxing taxi driver ‘Jazzy’ Dave was in raptures when he heard this. Unusually though, so was MB tea lady Loretta May Drew! Just messin’ with you. Loretta told me to tell everyone she was