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The Gaff Studio Sessions videoBlimey the next installment in Basement FreaksStudio Sessions video series is here already! In case you missed the last one, this is where unwary DJ/producers wander into the Hamburg lair of George Fotiadis a.k.a. Basement Freaks and he corners the bastards for two minutes until they give up all their production secrets. Or at least look a bit shifty in front of the camera. Here it’s Canuck

THE GAFF: Do That Thing EP (2013)

Breaks! Sirens! Funky pianos! Funky vocal chops!…Motorbike noises! When The Gaff decides to do that thing, he doesn’t do it by halves. So when he does do that thing on Do That Thing you won’t be surprised right? Everybody’s got a little light under the sun of course and our man is wearing star-shaped shades on his Parliament-sampling second

THE GAFF: Let’s Rock (2013) Free download

The Gaff‘s Let’s Rock is possibly not what Jimmy, Robert and Jon had in mind when they wrote Black Dog but after the whole groupie/ red snapper incident who are we to predict with any certainty what went through the minds of Led Zeppelin back in the day. Perhaps when they were all really baked the notion of a mutant Frankenstein’s monster of bass and breaks with added Black Sabbath licks like

THE GAFF: Katakana Edits Vol. 7 (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Now that’s what I’m talking about. The Gaff goes off on a remix/ edit tip delivering a sterling four-tracker that’s had poor old Juno scratching their heads for a generic pigeonhole and settling on ‘Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul.’ Frankly that makes it sound like some chin-stroking jazzbo’s got hold of a laptop and made some pretentious old shit. In