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THE FUNKSTAMATICS: The Reverend More Hammond-funk vicar? Yes, it’s time to welcome back the artists formerly known as Euro Cinema – a.k.a. The Funkstamatics – with new single The Reverend. Long aficionados of the sound once purveyed by Blue Note and Prestige Records back in the day, the band this time treat your ears to a chugging groove that harks back to their early days jamming in the studio with no

THE FUNKSTAMATICS: Koekwaus (100K Horns Mix)

FUNKSTAMATICS:  Koekwaus (100K Horns Mix)Looks like The Funkstamatics (a.k.a. the band formerly known as Euro Cinema) have been having rather a lot of success on Spotify these days recently clocking up an impressive one hundred thousand plays of their 2013 single Koekwaus. Thinking that perhaps they ought to celebrate, the band had a ponder about how they could top the


Lift Off The FunkstamaticsOoh – what’s this? It’s systomatic, it’s hydromatic, it’s – funkstamatic…why it could be Dutch funk band Euro Cinema by a new name based on their previous (and second LP) Funkstamatic. Say hello to The Funkstamatics then – for such is indeed Euro Cinema’s new name and Lift Off is indeed their third LP. But why the new moniker? It surely couldn’t be because some Yank company has