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ATMOSPHERE: The Family Sign (2011) – Album review

This must be the worst album leak ever – even the shops have got hold of it before the release date! Officially, Minneapolis emo-hip-hoppers Atmosphere drop their latest album The Family Sign next week but it’s already available from numerous UK and US big name web stores and (in several cases) has been for some time. If you’re one of the three people on the planet who haven’t already heard it – what follows is for you

ATMOSPHERE: The Family Sign – Album (2011) + ‘Just For Show’ video

Angstie Boys alert! Minneapolis emo-rappers Atmosphere will shortly be dropping what is something like their tenth studio album. As with the last few albums from the group it pushes the boundaries of the Atmosphere sound and this time they’ve gone all nu-disco. Nah, just kidding – from what I’ve heard of it, production-wise Ant has been using