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MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 3 (2013) Free download

Filthy rhythm? Dirty soul? If you haven’t got ’em you want them. If you’ve got them you’ll want more. So here it is then – monkeyboxing.com’s annual treat – Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul: Vol. 3 – a free unmixed ‘mixtape’ celebration of some of the biggest bangers (and not a few of the monkey’s favourite cuts) from the last twelve months of FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, PARTY BREAKS and REGGAE

THE FAKERS: Say What? Beat tape (2012)

Meet The Fakers. Not a shit film starring Ben Stiller or a new puritanical religious sect but a hip-hop production crew of unknown number and identity with a new ‘beat tape’ entitled Say What? I’ve had two emails now – one from ‘Faker One’ referring to himself and his mates in the third person (“The Fakers do not want you too know who they are. We think they are DJs…”) and a ‘nudge nudge’