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THE DISABLISTS: Farmfest 10 Year Nostalgia Mix (2015)

Disbalists Farmfest 10 Year mixWhat’s this? Why it’s The Disablists premiering their Farmfest 10 Year Nostalgia Mix resulting from a celebratory flurry of hands to promote their appearance at the recent tenth annual Farmfest this year. Lest the words ‘flurry of hands’ in the same sentence as ‘Farmfest’ give anyone the wrong impression, let’s just clarify that The Disablists are ex-UK DMC champions and highly


How about this? Turntablists and several times UK DMC champions The Disablists get on a nineties-sounding tip with the UK’s most convincing hip-hop crew, Foreign Beggars, for new single Heavy Rotation – no doubt in the hopes of achieving some…er…heavy rotation. In fact it’s worth checking the video just to see what appears to be the idiot lovechild of Morph and the BFG – about 2mins 15 seconds in – see also the pic for this feature.
Vid below links:
Pay cash money for Heavy Rotation @ iTunes
The Disablists – Myspace
Foreign Beggars – Myspace