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THE DEVONNS: Blood Red Blues

THE DEVONNS: Blood Red BluesThe Devonns channel What’s Going On-era Marvin Gaye on new single Blood Red Blues, which, as the title suggests takes a look at the lack of progress towards injustices in the U.S. Unlike Gaye’s perspective of a Vietnam vet. returning to a nation affected by hatred and bigotry, singer Mat Ajarrapu’s perspective is from within the same nation, decades after stuff

THE DEVONNS: Tell Me (Vinyl 7″)

Just before the debut LP release of relatively recent Record Kicks signings The Devonns (pronounced ‘De Vaughns’ rather than like the English county home of the cream tea) comes new limited 45 single Tell Me. A jaunty lilting affair that channels pre-funk soul, the single provides enough warmth to raise both room temperature and the corners of the mouth. Based in Chicago, the band have been heavily inspired by the city’s soul music