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THE STILL BROTHERS: Wake Up feat. MARINA B / The Deep (Vinyl 7″)

THE DEEP feat. MARINA B: Wake Up (Vinyl 7Despite something of a gap, The Still Brothers (a.k.a Ula Ruth’s Andrew LeCoche and The Shacks’ Evan Heinze) follow the summer’s stirring The Deep single with all-new atmospheric breakbeat cut Wake Up featuring Brazilian chanteuse Marina B on vinyl 7″. It transpires that the song achieved its final form when friend of the band Marina heard the, at that point, instrumental


THE STILL BROTHERS: The DeepThe Still Brothers’ The Deep has actually been out a couple of weeks already but, hey, even monkeys go on holiday sometimes. Turns out the ‘brothers’ are actually childhood friends Andrew LeCoche (of Ula Ruth) and Evan Heinze (of The Shacks) – two erstwhile rock(ish) band members who, it transpires, have a bit of a thing for instrumental breakbeat music. I say instrumental, this one does