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THE DAMN STRAIGHTS: The Damn Straights EPNever a man to have merely a single iron in his fire, Lack Of Afro’s Adam Gibbons follows the release of sixties soundtrack/ cinematic soul-influenced Here We Go EP with an entirely different project in collaboration with rapper Herbal T who constitutes the other fifty per cent of The Damn Straights. Nominally hip-hop, the EP features nearly as much rock guitar as a Beastie

THE DAMN STRAIGHTS: The World’s On Fire (Let It Burn)

THE DAMN STRAIGHTS: The World's On Fire (Let It Burn)Producer and multi-instrumentalist Lack of Afro hooks up once more with emcee Herbal T to become The Damn Straights and they announce their partnership with the single The World’s On Fire (Let It Burn). Imagine a scuzzy funk-rock-hip-hop take on Eminem’s My Name Is… taking a lyrical WTF! look at the state of things and you’re ballpark. Turns out the track was actually recorded