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In keeping with the ‘worldwide hip-hop community’ ethos of The Chosen Few organisation, Swiss producers Turntill & Merlin invite most of the world to participate on new single All I Wanna Give You. Well – maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but they do get Crosby and Burni Aman from South Africa and VA to NY transplant Doujah Raze in on the action so the single is a three continent

TURNTILL: TCF Rock Riddim (Remixed) (2016)

TCF Rock Riddim Remixed TurntillBack last year aways, DJ Turntill of Swiss crew The Chosen Few set out to make a single reggae track. Remember that fact, it’s important – a single reggae track. However, being a musically well-connected sort (due to his label and crew The Chosen Few) one thing led to another and he ended up with no fewer than twenty different vocal versions of said riddim released as TCF Rock

TURNTILL & MERLIN: In & Out (2014) + video

In Out Turntill MerlinSwiss duo Turntill & Merlin of The Chosen Few crew return shortly with In & Out and the intention of making you shake it all about to their electro-disco breakin.’ They’ve not come alone though. Oh no. If you’re going to party, best to bring some chums right? On a remix mission yeah? Expect to find Krome on a nu-disco tip, Jayl Funk on a strangely 90s-sounding disco tip, Rory Hoy on a

CROSBY feat. DAVE LE FUNK & TURNTILL: The Chosen Few (2013)

The Chosen Few is the product of a collaboration between Capetown reggae toaster Crosby Bolani, and Swiss-based producers Dave Le Funk and Turntill – a trio that it amuses me to think of as Crosby, Till and Funk. Just thought I’d share that, for what it’s worth…badum tish! The track is a mellow tribute to hip-hop culture although clearly one which acknowledges the Jamaican roots of hip