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THE BOMBAY ROYALE: I Love You Love You (2015)

THE BOMBAY ROYALE:  I Love You Love You To misquote MC Coppa from all the way back in 2010, The Bombay Royale are a band with Bollywood plans and (no doubt) Bollywood fans who do weird dancing with their hands. And if they were all about the sixties sitar funk on first LP (2012’s You Me Bullets Love) seem now to be heading in a New Wave-influenced musical direction with the first single taken from

THE BOMBAY ROYALE: You Me Bullets Love (2012) Video

Inspired by the soundtracks of Indian cinema of the sixties and seventies, Melbourne-based nutters The Bombay Royale are on a mission to propagate Bollywood spy funk across the globe – hence presumably the band name’s spin on Casino Royale – or a debut album title (You Me Bullets Love) that calls to mind The Spy Who Loved Me. Choosing names for the project and its output was