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THE BLAXOUND:  Plata O Pomo Rating: ★★★★★ Welcome to The Blaxound’s Plata O Pomo, a.k.a. the monkey’s favourite track yet off the forthcoming Golden Rules funk sampler The Originals 2. In contrast to the smoother cinematic soul vibes of recent LP El Maravilloso Sonido Instrumental, this one finds Marta Román’s Barcelona-based crew drop a super-heavy slab of Meters-esque instrumental funk. It’s a trick

THE BLAXOUND: El Maravilloso Sonido Instrumental

The PR for The Blaxound’s El Maravilloso Sonido Instrumental LP has it that bandleader Marta Romàn is, ‘hooked on the soundtracks of the Blaxploitation movies of the 60’s and 70’s,’ and you can certainly hear that coming through loud and clear on a set which has plaudits from both Neal Sugarman and Shawn Lee. Less that lead you to believe this is a nine-track album of wah