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THE BIONIC RATS: Dear John Remix EP (2015)

Dear John Remixes Bionic RatsDublin 2-tone outfit The Bionic Rats find their track Dear John leaving them for multiple partners on this remix EP. Origin One offer the security of something relatively close to the original but a little more minimal, Max Rubadub promises lazy days and hazy nights with his slowed down dub cut, Bobby C TV offers plastic palm tree excitement in the form of 80s-tinged funk and

DIRTY DUBSTERS feat. DARK ANGEL: Ol Bongo Cart (2014)

Ol Bongo Cart Dirty Dubsters Dark AngelRating: ★★★★★ The latest from Dirty Dubsters features dancehall voice Dark Angel and goes by the title of Ol Bongo Cart. Ol’ what? Surely this track isn’t celebrating a horse-drawn means of transporting afro-cuban percussion instruments? Time for an email to the Dubsters. Except they don’t know what it means either. But they know a man who does. It transpires that ‘bongo cart’ (if