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VARIOUS: Jalapeno Funk Vol. 4 (2012) + DJ Moneyshot “Rob Resurrected’ free download

For Jalapeno Funk Vol. 4, UK label Jalapeno draw together the disparate elements of the funky end of the bass music scene by assembling a motley crew of eleven artists and getting them to contribute something modern and funk-related (both originals and remixes as well as previously released stuff and exclusives), for this fifteen tracker

THE BEEKEEPERS: Queen Bee – Single (2011) + Video

Queen Bee is the latest single from the recently released Beekeepers LP Apiculture and a bit of a banger. Musically coming off like a collision of The Freestylers and The Heavy, it finds rapper Mystro exploring the growing distance between him and the missus (“Oh I should have put a ring on it?/ Well, you’re lucky if I even put a fake bit of bling on it”) and one of the album’s highlights

THE BEEKEEPERS: ‘Apiculture’ – Album preview + Audio – 2011

Bristol beat luminaries Boca 45 and Parker a.k.a. The Beekeepers finally make good their promise to deliver a full length album, Apiculture, in the wake of this year’s moody Ascending Change EP and their debut party-banger effort the Bee Funk EP from 2009.

As you might expect Apiculture is packed to the gills with offerings of both kinds i.e. moodiness and party-bangers.

THE BEEKEEPERS: Ascending Change EP – 2011 + ‘Apiculture’ LP update

Apiculture album preview and audio HERE
Bristol duo Parker and Boca 45 follow up last year’s banging Bee Funk EP with the rather different Ascending Change EP. Where the former led with an in-your-face party-starting vocal cut and drew in elements of everything from dubstep to funk, this is all about the epic, moody, instrumental atmospherics and the big sweeping sound vistas that you might more traditionally have come to expect from Bristol’s beat-mongers