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THE ALLERGIES: Entitled To That (Vinyl 7″) (2017)

THE ALLERGIES Entitled To That (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ Entitled To That eh? And precisely what could The Allergies be entitled to as a consequence of their massive new single co-penned with Ugly Duckling emcee Andy Cooper in a neo-northern soul stylee? And by ‘massive new single’, I mean a banging horns-led stomp, weighing in with a classic 146 bpm tempo and featuring the supremely capable Honey Larochelle

THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: Love That I’m In 7″ (2017)

THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER:  Love That I'm In 7Rating: ★★★★★ Looks like last summer’s Get Down fever made its disco-inflected mark on The Allergies for here is a new 7″ single – Love That I’m In – and it’s all about the Indeep vibes on the A-side. Yes you know, a bass-heavy late 70s/ early 80s style groove with breathy female vox and a rapped verse somewhere down the line courtesy of one Andy “There ain’t a problem he can’t fix

THE ALLERGIES: ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ audio premiere (2016) + Jalapeno Funk Vol. 8 The Allergies DJ Mix

vol-8-jalapeno-funkRating: ★★★★★ The moveable feast (previous volumes have surfaced variously anywhere between December and May) that is Jalapeno Records’ Jalapeno Funk Vol. 8 is out today and who better to produce a 55-minute mix of the bombs thereon than The Allergies? Exactly – no-one. The Allergies it is then. Do they appear on it? I should coco! Their massive Since You’ve Been

MO’ MATIC feat. OXYGEN: Sureshot (2016)

Sureshot Mo Matic OxygenRating: ★★★★★ As appropriately named as the Beastie Boys track with which it shares a title, this new one from Channel Islands producer Mo’ Matic and Soundsci rapper Oxygen from NYC is a certified banger. The original mix is rumbling, heavyweight, reggae-hiphop that does what it says on the tin while top-notch remixing is in evidence. The Allergies and Soundmakers are on

DJ ROAST BEATZ: Luxury Boom Bap – Remix EP (2016)

Luxury Boom Bap Remix EP Roast BEatzSometimes, roasting something twice is better than roasting something once! But which production cuisiniers to seek for twice-roasted beats if you’re already a capable beat chef yourself? In the case of DJ Roast Beatz you enlist the formidable skills of The Allergies, Shaka Loves You, El Bomba and DJ Maars to provide a veritable feast for the ears. The Allergies

THE ALLERGIES: As We Do Our Thing (2016)

As We Do Our Thing  The AllergiesRating: ★★★★★ Finally – The Allergies (a.k.a DJ Moneyshot and his co-pilot Rackabeat) drop their full-length debut on Jalapeno Records. But hold on – a lot of cuts off this have already seen the light of day on a number of releases on different labels as far back as 2013. Can The Allergies’ ‘thing’ really sound all that box fresh or is it redolent of old musical socks and crusty

THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: Rock Rock/ Blast Off (2016) + video

Rock Rock Blast Off The Allergies feat Andy CooperAndy Cooper finds more ways to gainfully occupy his time while there’s no Ugly Duckling stuff going on – this time with The Allergies on another piece of seven inch wax no less. The UD rapper has already made a couple of stabs at ridiculously fast raps – Ugly Duckling’s Sprint for example and his own solo Bring It To Me but here he trounces both previous efforts with the 145-ish bpm Rock

THE ALLERGIES: Kicking Up Dust EP (2015) + God Walked Down video

Kicking Up Dust EP The AllergiesNormally it’s kicking up the dust that’s likely to bring on the allergies but what happens if The Allergies bring on Kicking Up The Dust? Allow Dr Monkey to explain. Preliminary symptoms are likely to involve involuntary bodily twitching which may develop into a full-blown movement towards the dancefloor as a result of a combined exposure to a gospel-soul stomp, a groovy disco biscuit, a

THE ALLERGIES: Calling The Shots EP (2014)

Calling The Shots EP The AllergiesSlim Goodgroove continues the revitalisation of the Goodgroove brand with the diverse and energetic Calling The Shots EP from Bristol’s The Allergies. The EP commences firing with the refunked party breaks of Special People followed by a rapid-fire radio edit (along with a more sustained one) of insistent old school-referencing brit-hop bump React featuring emcee Figure Of Speech and The

THE ALLERGIES: Here I Am (2013) Free download + video

“Here I Am!”
Yes, there you are. Um…who are you?
“Glad you asked! I’m The Allergies‘ new remix of Eldridge Holmes’ “Where Is Love?”
Oh right – Allergies as in DJs Moneyshot and Rackabeat? Eldridge Homes as in New Orleans funk legend?
“The very same.”