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THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: ‘I Just Got That Feeling’ video

THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: 'I Just Got That Feeling' videoJust out, it’s the new video for Andy Cooper-featuring track, I Just Got That Feeling, off latest Allergies album – the excellent Say The Word.¬† Probably the most serious track of the set, said cut provides a mid-LP moment of introspection and reflection amid the bubblegum breakbeat thrills, recalling material from Audacity-era Ugly Duckling. “Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror


THE ALLERGIES: Say The WordRating: ★★★★★ Good lord is it time to say some words about new Allergies LP – er – Say The Word already? It’s the fourth in as many years without so much as a pity break for the competition! They soared over that ‘difficult third’ LP hurdle like it wasn’t even there – mainly because they’ve been enjoying a near vertical career trajectory that has taken them from DJ-only gigs to full live-band

THE ALLERGIES: Let Them Know (feat. THE CUBAN BROTHERS) b/w Lightning In A Bottle (feat. ANDY C)(Vinyl 7″)

THE ALLERGIES:  Let Them Know (feat. THE CUBAN BROTHERS)Say hello to The Allergies ‘lil friend’ – new dancefloor weapon and single, Let Them Know,¬†featuring Los Hermanos Cubanos a.k.a. a certain now-legendary Scots outfit. Could this be the record that sees our boys crash the mainstream party? It’s got to be on the cards, what with five years of Radio 6 and then 2 plaudits, all manner of TV-tie-in syncs and praise

THE ALLERGIES: Felony/ Rile ‘Em Up (feat. ANDY COOPER & MARIETTA SMITH)(Vinyl 7″)

THE ALLERGIES: Felony/ Rile 'Em Up (feat. ANDY COOPER & MARIETTA SMITH)(Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ New Allergies LP Say The Word drops later this year but it would be tantamount to a felony for them to leave you till then without any new material. Which is why they’re all set to rile you up with a new vinyl 45 out today entitled – er – Felony and backed with the Andy Cooper and Marietta Smith-featuring Rile ‘Em Up. The former is the result of the boys having co-opted another

THE ALLERGIES: Why You Buggin’ (feat. ANDY COOPER)/ Downtime (ALLERGIES remix )

THE ALLERGIES: Why You Buggin' (feat. ANDY COOPER)/ Downtime (ALLERGIES remix )How’s this for a payload? Bombstrikes returning to wax with Andy Cooper feat. The Allergies and their Run DMC cover Why You Buggin’ on the A-side and an Allergies remix of Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon’s Downtime on the flip. I know! Apart from that Boca 45/ Mohawestra special a couple of years ago, I don’t think Bombstrikes have messed with vinyl for the best part of a decade. Why You

THE ALLERGIES: Every Trick In The Book (Vinyl 7″)

THE ALLERGIES: Every Trick In The Book (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ I don’t know – those Allergies boys, they make you feel good and they know how to turn you on. Oh wait, no, that’s – well…never mind. What I meant was The Allergies make you feel good and they know every trick in the book – which, as we all know, has resulted in an impressive run of grooves that keep you hooked. Take their forthcoming 45 banger – er – Every


THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: Nuff Respect I hope you’re ready for new Allergies material because, Nuff Respect, their next track featuring the increasingly official-looking ‘unofficial third member’ Andy Cooper, has just dropped. Hang on wasn’t Nuff Respect a Big Daddy Kane cut? Yep, it’s rap cover time as the boys re-work a biggie from back in the day and give props to a golden era legend. Like the original, this one loops crowd

THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: 2Much! b/w Special 45

‘One, two, MUCH!’ Thus begins The Allergies new 45 featuring erstwhile UD emcee and unofficial third allergy Andy Cooper. Cue uptempo double bass line, a million jazzy and funky samples and Mr Cooper on top form machine-gunning syllables into the mic. Don’t forget to listen carefully to the shout-outs though as the earth-sheltered glory of Gloucester Services gets a namecheck in amongst

ALDO VANUCCI feat. KYLIE AULDIST: Get A Hold On This + remixes

The latest single to be taken from Aldo Vanucci’s party-bumpin’ second LP, Diggin For A Living, is the Kylie Auldist-featuring, neo-northern soul stomping Get A Hold On This, which comes with a remix package so groovalicious, it might as well be called ‘Get A Hold Of This’. First up are The Allergies who, presumably figuring it would be hard to make things even more stomping, get a

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s Mixtape – Free download

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s MixtapeI don’t know, though I have been told, an Allergies mix is…
UNBELIEVABLE! Get on that dancefloor and throw some shapes private or I’ll stick my boot so far up your ass the sweat from my knee will save you going to the bar!
Ulp, blimey its Commanding 45s, the new mixtape idea The Allergies’ thought of while driving to a gig