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THE AGGROLITES: Four LP vinyl reissues

THE AGGROLITES: Four LP vinyl reissuesCheering news if you’re an Aggrolites fan, even better if you’re a vinyl fan too and positively fantastic news if you’ve never got your hands on albums two, three, four and five from the band. That’ll be their self-titled second LP then, along with Reggae Hit L.A., IV and Rugged Road. If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, you clearly aren’t aware of The Aggrolites who have been


THE AGGROLITES:  Reggae Now!Rating: ★★★★★ As the lyrics on recent single Pound For Pound have it, “It’s gonna be strong when you wait that long for the Aggro sound!”. And indeed there has been something of a wait since the last Aggrolites long player, Rugged Road – eight years to be precise, the consequence pretty much of creative burnout from a road which ultimately turned out to be a little bit too rugged. The good


THE AGGROLITES: Pound For PoundRating: ★★★★★ Let me see now, vintage sixties organ sounds, boss reggae vibes and a soulful growl? Pound for pound, there can surely only be one outfit that produces such glorious ‘dirty reggae’ sound and it is of course the one and only Aggrolites with new single – er – Pound For Pound. Turns out this is the harbinger of their sixth studio album, Reggae Now!, due towards the end of May