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HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS: Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)(2017)

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS:  Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)Everybody knows by now that the Malcolm Catto-produced title track of the latest LP by underground UK retro-soul talent Hannah Williams got sampled for the title track of Jay-Z’s new album, right? It’s this decade’s Eminem and Dido story! How to represent said track in audio-visual format, though? I suppose the band could employ traditional ideas like good cinematography

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS: Late Nights & Heartbreak (2016)

late-nights-heartbreak-hannah-williams-the-affirmationsRating: ★★★★★ Earlier this year, Hannah Williams arose like a phoenix from the ashes of previous funk-soul outfit Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers and made a grand re-entrance to the world of funk and soul with brand new band, Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, and glorious single Tame In The Water to boot. This was followed just last week with an epic psych-funk


dazed-confused-hannah-williams-affirmationsRating: ★★★★★ Travellers down the Led Zeppelin covers highway, are strongly advised to look out for dodgy reggae tracks with even more dodgy names (D’Yer Maker) and any lyrical references to The Lord of the Rings strewn in their path. Given the frequency of the latter, that does make for a dangerous journey. It’s enough to make you arrive at your destination dazed and confused in fact