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TENSEI: The Hotbox Sessions Vol. 2 (2016)

Hotbox Sessions Vol 2It’s been a while since MB has featured any stuff by Tensei (a.k.a. Simple X formerly of Herma Puma) but his Hotbox Sessions Vol. 2 is out at the minute and it’s not to be sniffed at. All expectations to the contrary, there’s nothing whatsoever x-rated about it – the name is a reference to the sweatbox of a studio in which these 6 slabs of hip-hop boom were created and

MC ADAD: ‘PS…I’m Next’ mixtape promo video (2011)

MC ADaD provides further proof, as if it were needed, that hip-hop is alive and well in 2011 with this promo for his forthcoming mixtape P.S…I’m Next due in September and featuring production from (among others) Waajeed, Exile, Illmind, Tensei, Ta-Ku (Australia), and ADaD himself. Featuring the Tensei-produced track It’s Mine, the vid depicts the aforementioned emcee being cruelly awoken from his peaceful rapper slumber

MC ADAD vs TENSEI: Smoke It Out – 2011

You know when your day job gets in the way of real stuff? Yeah? This has been languishing in my mailbox for days now while deadlines stalk me. Funnily enough All Natural-affiliate ADaD’s mood chimes with mine here exploring how miserable he feels and concluding that the answer is to ‘smoke it out.’ Could he be on about having a bifter?

TAKE: Neon Beams (Tensei remix) – 2011 – free download

Midas Wells and Simple X a.k.a. Tensei do the decent thing with Take’s ‘futurebeats’ bleepfest Neon Beams doping it up with a fat, rolling, (very) uptempo breakbeat, and generally bringing the darkness on the original’s ethereal sounding ass. Where Take’s version brings to mind a group of android geisha ceremonially pouring tea into a cup, Tensei’s refix brings to mind a group of android samurai unceremoniously running amok.

TENSEI & THE PRIMERIDIAN (feat. Mike Flo): Full Throttle – Free download

If you caught Herma Puma’s super-chilled hip-hop LP Synchromystic earlier this year this will almost certainly appeal since producer Simple X of Herma Puma is also part of Tensei. I have it on good authority that Full Throttle is a taster of a forthcoming project with Chicago’s Primeridian crew – who I last heard of name-checked on one of the monkey’s all time favourite hip-hop LPs – All Natural’s Second Nature.