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CALIBRO 35: ‘Decade’ LP teaser (2017)

CALIBRO 35:  Decade LP teaserHeavily influenced by sixties and seventies crime flicks and sci-fi movies, Italian retro-fiends Calibro 35 have spent the last decade honing their cinematically funky sound. They’ve even managed to get themselves sampled by the likes of Dr Dre and Jay-Z. Blimey. How do you get bigger than that? Well, (not that it’s all about size you understand) the boys have decided to expand their

BETTY DAVIS: ‘Nasty Gal’ documentary movie (2015) Crowdfunding campaign and teaser

Betty Davis Movie CrowdfundingWhat do you mean who’s Betty Davis? Betty DAVIS! The ‘first lady of funk’. Friend to Jimi, Sly, Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock. Wife (briefly) to Miles. Model. Producer/ singer/ songwriter on four classic funk-rock LPs in the 70s. Oh – yeah – and victim of sexism and censorship. Which are the main reasons why she suddenly disappeared at the tail end of the seventies and doesn’t have