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TARZAN BROS: Imperial Bros (2017)

TARZAN BROS:  Imperial Bros ‘Smashing the stage’ with ‘vibration’, here, in the form of new single, Imperial Bros, are real-life brothers Theo and Greg Tantanozis a.k.a. Tarzan Bros. Turns out it’s the first cut taken from forthcoming long player Apartheid Of Thoughts and the track, after a lengthy instro. intro. finds one of the boys relating an anecdote, involving the ‘one or two time’ that ‘rastaman stop…[him]…

JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Funkin’ Your Soul (2017)

JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Funkin' Your SoulJayl Funk and Tarzan Bros. channel late 70s Bronx vibes on their latest collaboration Funkin’ Your Soul. Out on Jayl Funk’s very own Honkey Phonk label, this drop is all about the super disco-breakin’ vibes, positively dripping with retro-synth bass and funky geetar while Tarzan Bros. grace the mic in a firmly Sugarhill stylee. Let’s put it this way – Sylvia Robinson would have released it. Can

DENNIS BROWN: Westbound Train (TARZAN BROS. edit)(2017) Free download

DENNIS BROWN: Westbound Train (TARZAN BROS. edit Free downloadIt’s nearly summer which means it’s nearly reggae, reggae time which means it is time for Tarzan Bros. to swing into action with an nifty early reggae edit. In this instance, the source material was the biggest Jamaican hit of 1973 – Dennis Brown’s Westbound Train and the edit finds Brown westbound in the twenty-first century. Not in an egregious way of course – this isn’t Southern

TARZAN BROS: Tropical Man (Remastered) (2016) Free download

Tropical Man Tarzan BrosVintage calypso dancehall vibes gather on this one like condensation on a glass of rum punch. It’s got lilt, it’s got bounce, it’s got boom and it’s more likely to promote a shimmy than daggering on the dancefloor. It’s Tarzan Bros again with their remastered version of Tropical Man. The ideal feelgood party starter in other words – for when punters want to get down but they haven’t quite

FUGEES: Zealots (TARZAN BROS. Re-imagined) (2016)

Zealots Tarzan BrosThe legend of the Tarzan Bros continues with this, their re-imagining of The Fugees’ Zealots from the band’s 1996 LP The Score. The boys swing into action by wrestling the song away from its original downtempo soul-hop beat, replacing it with a Real Rock riddim-derived beat and then hollering away themselves in a generally more joyous manner than Hill, Jean and Michel. Such is

JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Shake It (2015)

Shake It Jayl Funk Tarzan Bros.“Us Tarzan Bros! You Jayl Funk!” Time to Shake It in a funky disco stylee as a certain German party breaks producer returns for the second time this month by getting cosy with a UK-based funky trio and an original track characterised by well-defined drums, insistent bass and rippling wah-guitar which curl themselves around pert vocals. Of the three remixes, the All Good Funk Alliance