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TAME IMPALA – Tame Impala EP – Review

Rating: ★★★★★

Anyone worried about the vacuum left by the implosion of Wolfmother might want to give these boys a shout. Don’t worry I’m not claiming they’re the next Wolfmother, because they ain’t. They don’t need to be. They’re the one and only Tame Impala – infinitesimally lighter than Myles and co. and way more tripped out. Desire Be, Desire Go is a filthy great fuzzed-out psychedelic monster, Skeleton Tiger channels 13th Floor Elevators through a party hosted by Love while Half Full Glass of Wine has the riffage on high and the fidelity on ‘lo’. I’d comment on the other tracks but you’ll want something to discover for yourself. You just wish you’d heard their cover of Blueboy’s Remember Me. I don’t know whether the Perth-based Impala boys are surfers or not but I can’t think of a better soundtrack for dropping a tab of desert-cooked acid and pulling into a giant Margaret River barrel lit up by the fiery rays of the rising sun.
Released 11 October on Modular.

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1. (NEW) Freestyle Professors – Luv U (Unreleased)
Giff and B Sparks done cooked up some fresh Bronx heat. Heed!

2. (NEW) K Delight & The Voodoo Guru feat. Chrome – The Wildstyle Dream (Playing Around)
Does what it says on the tin. One for breakers everywhere: Part 1

3. (NEW) D.J.H – Hip-Hopper From Birth – Hip-Hopper From Birth EP (D.J.H)
Killer track from crazy fresh EP. One for breakers everywhere: Part 2.

4. (NEW) Fakts One feat. Little Brother – Grown Folks – Long Range LP (Green Streets U.S.
Little Brother kill it again on a guest spot.

5. (1) The New Mastersounds – All We Can Do – Plug & Play LP (One Note)
Ultra itchy break, squelchy wah-wah and bass like an eel hitting the side of a dustbin.

6. (3) Betty Moorer – It’s My Thing – Diggin’ In The BGP Vaults LP (BGP)
Funky soul is the sexiest music ever. Betty Moorer tells it like it is.
ListenRead Review…

7. (6) The Bamboos – King of the Rodeo/ Can’t Help Myself (Tru Thoughts)
The Bamboos borrow Megan Washington and Ty for two more funky dancefloor slayers.

8. (4) Tame Impala – Desire Be, Desire Go – Tame Impala EP (Modular)
Western Oz’s finest drop a filthy great psychedelic fuzz-rock monster.

9. (NEW) Que Billah feat. The Cool Kids – Colours (Unreleased)
Billah got the beats: The Kids got the rhymes. And ‘sneakers’. In lots of colours. Word.

10. (NEW) Sir Beans feat. Blaktrix – Sour Grapes (Unreleased)
Beans and Blaktrix always mean hip hop business. One day Beans’ll release an LP!