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T-BIRD: Mr President (2017) + video

T-BIRD:  Mr President (2017) + videoCriminally underrated, the now de-funked T-Bird & The Breaks have left a big hole in the global underground funk and soul scene so it’s good news to hear that gravel-voiced, master-lyricist T-Bird, a.k.a Tim Crane, is back in the saddle with a new single/ video, Mr President, as well as an album, Bottle Fulla Rainbows, in the offing as well. Until that LP comes out though – here’s a single

T BIRD + GREYHOUNDS: Your Favourite/ Hold Out Your Hand (2016) Free download

hold-out-your-hand-your-favourite-t-bird-greyhoundsIt’s been a long minute since we heard from T Bird – late of superlative Texan funk heroes T Bird & The Breaks but then that’s because The Breaks are sadly de-funked. You can’t keep a good man down though and currently Tim ‘T Bird’ Crane is, along with former Breaks bandmate Sam Patlove, producing and writing for their homies, Austin two-piece Greyhounds, as T Bird + Greyhounds

HOOKY: Rocket Science (2015)

Rocket Science HookyOohh – I recognise that voice! You should too as it’s the unmistakable soulful rasp of Mr Time Crane a.k.a. T Bird of long time MB favourites T Bird & The Breaks. It’s not rocket science – although it is Rocket Science – well, the song’s name is anyway. There might have been a slight artist name change though as T Bird and co. are now on an indefinite hiatus after a punishing seven years

T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Waxin b/w No Diggity (2013) Free download + video

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s summer, it’s hot and here’s consistently dope Texan funk crew T Bird & The Breaks to send the sexual temperature rising too. Waxin’ turns on an insistent pulsing b-line and is ostensibly (not to mention ironically, since this is a digital single) all about T Bird’s old lady’s obsession with records. But with a hook like, “I wanna go waxin daddy” it’s clear she’s after more than vinyl

CHART – May 2013

(NEW)1. T Bird & The Breaks – I Gets My Boogie On (Mako & The Hawk remix)

Shades of Coldcut’s remix of ‘Paid In Full’ and Loaded-era Primal Scream anyone?

T BIRD & THE BREAKS: I Gets My Boogie On (Mako & The Hawk remix) (2013)

(PRESS RELEASE) Ladies and gentleman, fetch your dancing shoes – it’s the brand-new, debut official remix from dj/ production duo Mako & The Hawk who rework I Gets My Boogie On by Texan funk crew T Bird & The Breaks on a grand scale. Evoking shades of Coldcut’s version of Eric B & Rakim’s Paid In Full and Primal Scream’s Loaded, the reflective gospel-tinged soul of the original

THE CALVIN OWENS SHOW: The Cat (Sammy P edit)(2012) Free download

Sammy P (a.k.a. Sam Patlove of Texan chunk-funk crew T Bird & The Breaks) gets in on the edits business by reworking The Cat by big band funk man Calvin Owens of Houston, Texas. The ‘editing’ on this one is right at the business end of the breakbeat spectrum taking the original into the sonic big country known to all and sundry as b-boy breaks land. The resulting barrage of percussion

T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Somebody Had A Drinking Problem Last Night (2012) + video

Rating: ★★★★★
Robert Jay once sang, “Alcohol oh alcohol, got to put you down/ Taken all my money, threw me on the ground.” Coincidentally, it’s this snippet of his classic heavy funk cut Alcohol that opens the video to T Bird & The Breaks‘ brand new single – sleazy roadhouse soul stomper “Somebody Had A Drinking Problem Last Night” – another song which conveys

T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Just Gettin Started (K Sabroso’s Mackronomics Lesson) (2012) Free download

In the run-up to the release of next single Somebody Had A Drinking Problem Last Night, Texan chunk-funk crew T Bird & The Breaks drop a free remix of Just Gettin Started off their last EP Dancehall Freakin. Fiddling with the knobs is K Sabroso – clearly a man for whom the guitars were too loud and the drums weren’t loud enough on the original – not that they were what you’d call quiet before or anything. On Sabroso’s

BEASLEY/PRICE: Is/Are Here (2012) Free download

Beasley Price might sound a bit like a high street furniture store (“Did you see – there’s a half price sale on down at Beasley Price?”) but they’re actually former members of Texan funk crew T Bird & The Breaks and they’ve got an LP out called Is/Are Here. The sound on it is somewhere between old school NY electro from the eighties and Muscle Shoals soul from the sixties which