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BLOWN CELEB: 1000 Screaming Kamikaze’s (2012)

You might not have heard of rappers Swiss Precise and Jon E Rockwell who together form Blown Celeb but you’ll almost certainly have heard of Rockwell from his day job as Dizzy Dustin of Long Beach’s old school party hip-hop crew Ugly Duckling. Blown Celeb is Dizzy’s side project and 1000 Screaming Kamikaze’s (let’s not talk about that apostrophe right now) is their debut album. Many will know of UD’s nearly two decades long

THE FORTY SEVEN – The Day The Sun Bled – Album promo download

Back in the day there were forty-seven samurai who became forty-seven ronin (and later, simply ‘The Forty Seven’) after the death of their master which they promptly avenged as a matter of honour. Here in the present, The Day The Sun Bled (download promo sampler HERE) is the debut album from hip-hop supergroup The Forty Seven (and trust me – there are nearly that many of them) numbered amongst whom are the following: Swiss Precise, Master Fuol, Monk Liverfish, Hochii, DJ Remode, Ill Naughty, Optimist, LD-Ransom, Obtuse, Specs, Expo, Dysposable Heroes, Jabba The Kut. Anyone who hasn’t yet clicked on the link above should probably just commit seppuku right now in disgrace! Don’t get any blood on the carpet.

The Forty Seven – Myspace