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MORLACK: Bluff No frontin’ from Morlack as he delivers a new party breaks LP, the thirteen-track Bluff. The producer is one of the few scene players who actually troubles to knock out whole albums and not only is this his ninth full-length effort (thus surely giving anyone else’s record in the genre a thorough trouncing) he continues to maintain an envious level of consistency. Those familiar with

KIBOSH: Back N Forth EP (2017)

KIBOSH:  Back N Forth EP“On the Bass Funk Glitch Hip Hop Soul Breaks tip,” it says on Kibosh’s Soundcloud with no word of a lie. Has he got his fingers in enough stylistic musical pies!? Actually he hasn’t even declared all the – er – pies he’s got his fingers into. Omitting the word ‘swing’ was something of an oversight for example – given the abandon with which he sprinkles samples of said music throughout his

BRUNO BORLONE: Brazil (Bruno Borlone remix)(2014) Free download

Brazil Bruno BorloneThe England team might have made such a pathetically early exit from the World Cup that the engines of their jet weren’t cold before the pilot had to fire them up again but some people are still getting into the spirit of things. One such man is Chilean producer Bruno Borlone who’s reworked Ary Barroso’s inspired 1939 samba anthem Aquarelo Do Brazil inna breaks stylee just in time for Chile’s

PALOV meets ANG ANGELIDES: Carnibal Records 006 (2012)

It’s the Carnibal Records train’s sixth visit to town in 2012 and this time the Greek label focuses on producer Palov and his guitarist buddy Ang Angelides. Four tracks deep, it ends with the mellow, rural-sounding skank of Waste Of Time but up until that point we’re very much in swing breaks territory – all 20s and 30s wah-wah trumpets and organic-sounding drums. Why – it’s practically