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MR BRISTOW: Grey Skies (2015) Free download

Grey Skies Mr BristowGrey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face as Mr Bristow is back with – er – Grey Skies which features the unlikely pairing of the ‘Jazz Age’s’ first ‘crooner’, Rudy Vallee, with one of the hip-hop era’s most successful female rappers, Missy Elliott, over a skippy boom-bap beat. Other reasons to make you smile include the fact that this classy bit of swing-hop is not only free and available as a

JASON KING: Daddy’s Donkey Ride (Raw Saddle) + King Fries Mix free downloads (2014)

Daddy's Donkey Ride Jason KingJason King a.k.a the artist formerly known as Bubaking, generously delves into his bucket of musical crowd-feed here and tosses out a free Big Daddy Kane/ Mr Scruff swing-hop mash-up carrot. There may be some of you who find the title of Daddy’s Donkey Ride (Raw Saddle) inherently amusing – I can hear a few sniggers at the back now – though I may as well tell you now

MORONGROOVER: Party With Me (2014)

Party With Me MorongrooverNo matter how much you insist it’s the music that’s important, there comes a time when it has to be released into the wild and attributed to someone. What to call yourself though? All the cool names seem to have been picked. Use your own name? Bit boring. Something silly perhaps? Hmm – requires a bit of thought. You wouldn’t want to go with ‘Cretinraver’ or ‘E-tard’ for example – you’d

SAMMY SENIOR feat. RAYNA: Don’t Touch My Heart (The Remixes) (2013)

Don’t Touch My Heart? Fat chance of anything not being ‘touched’ when it comes to remixing a release. And the time when Sammy Senior‘s excellent MC Rayna-featuring ghetto funked-up, swing-hop banger from February got passed around the grubby mitts of B-Side, DeFunk, DELimentary, and the Mustbeat Crew was no exception. It got a thorough groping. Check the results below – expect four different adventures