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RORY HOY: Flamingo At The Disco

RORY HOY:  Flamingo At The DiscoDespite being named after possibly the campest thing imaginable, Rory Hoy’s new single Flamingo At The Disco manages to restrain disco’s more flamboyant excesses for a down-to-earth and highly serviceable slab of mirrorball business that should fit nicely into anyone’s nu-disco set whilst also providing a gateway to old school disco sets or those comprised of Mr Hoy’s beloved big beat


MUSTAFA AKBAR: Get Down Wit ItNappy Riddem vocalist and sometime Fort Knox Five collaborator Mustafa Akbar strikes out on his own shortly with new single Get Down Wit It, inviting all who will join him (a fair few I’d imagine) to engage in a spot of bass-heavy, twenty-first century update of eighties funk. Such is Get Down Wit It which features muted guitars, swirling synths, insistent drums and the kind of

RORY HOY feat. ASHLEY SLATER: Hey Everybody! (2015)

Hey Everybody Rory Hoy Ashley SlaterHey Everybody! Not just the title of the new disco biscuit from Rory Hoy featuring Ashley Slater (as they of them team-up to make it funky from Knaresborough to Brighton) but an exhortation to report to the dancefloor as the pair show Pharrell and Daft Punk it’s not just Smoove & Turrell that have them in their sights. “Hey Everybody/ You ain’t never goin’ to get a lady with that loser vibe