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WACK RECORDS 13: SMOOVE & SUONHO ‘A Little Soul’/ ‘Summertime’ (Smoove remix) (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ It’s been two years since Wack 12 and at least a year since a version of A Little Soul appeared in a Smoove mixtape. God knows, I for one have constantly pestered Berry Geordie to release this massive collabo with Suonho. Now, finally (judging by soundcloud) he’s given the people what they want. And what they want is this supercharged soul n bass rework of A Little Soul

DAYTONER: Treat Me EP (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★
One of my favourite tracks off Daytoner‘s Sunburst Radio LP from last summer was the Motown-groove-with-nineties-indie-vocals of Treat Me. It was clearly single material and is here given the full EP treatment with remixes from Suonho and Tenoshi. Suonho replaces that sixties Motor City beat with something that’ll have them trippin’

SUONHO/ VOODOOFUNK: It’s Cool/ Git Fonky (RESENSE 032) (2013)

The first of two forthcoming seven inch releases from the reliably ‘party’ Austrian breaks label Resense is this one featuring a track from Suonho and another from Voodoofunk. Initially you’re struck by the fact that both tracks have obvious dancefloor currency and secondly by the fact that each track appears to have the other’s rightful name. Why? Because Suonho genetically

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Hip To The Remix (2012)

On which Renegades Of Jazz continues his mission to reclaim use of the word ‘hip’ to mean ‘rather well-informed about and appreciative of’ from its association with a certain eighties yuppie pop anthem. But that’s enough about Huey Lewis – let’s skip to the news which is that Renegades Of Jazz’s superb Hip To The Jive album has been remixed as Hip To The Remix. Yep, all twelve

WACK 12: S.M.O.V. & Umbo/ S.M.O.V. & Suonho (2011)

Honestly – you wait ages for one and then two come at once – but that’s all that’s bus-like about Wack releases and this is no exception as Smoove follows the disco-themed Wack 11 with a tight jazz breaks/ ‘northern jazz’ type affair. Cumin Home sees Smoove’s alter ego S.M.O.V. assist rising Euro producer Umbo in providing a breakbeat rinsing to none other than ‘The Velvet Fog’, Mel Torme himself