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DISCIPULL CLOTHING: Summer 2009 range

Everyone knows that bodyboaders are more hardcore than stand-up plankers – after all – who always surfs those breaks that ‘can’t be surfed’ first? You’d have thought the tee-shirt buying public would much rather be associated with such a gnarly sport and spend less of their money on Sillybong and Richcurl products. Maybe they just aren’t aware of the good shit that’s out there – talking of which – here is some of the latest fruity goodness to drop from the bountiful design tree of Discipull Clothing – four hot t-shirt designs, ‘core dvd Brushed Aside and – um – a picture of the boys hard at work.

ZOO YORK: Summer 2009 Collection

Remember Shut Skateboards? I do. Well, the griptape at least. It had little Shut logos all over it that you could push out and stick somewhere else like the bottom of your deck or road signs and stuff…er…anyway – Shut folded and Zoo York rose from the ashes and now they’re massive and everything and have much better ideas than bits of griptape that can be pushed out as as you can see from these select items from their latest range.


ADIDAS Skateboarding: Summer 2009

I just can’t keep up sometimes – are some of these drops more limited than others? How do Adidas decide? Some of my usual sources didn’t even receive the last one and it only seems like five seconds since that spring stuff was out anyway. This time around there’s a Campus Vulc, a Campus Vulc high top and continuing his trade mark black, white, orange colour (previously seen on his Superstar model), Dennis Busenitz gets a new shoe. One word of advice – you might want to try the actual shoe on rather than just order over the internet and expect your size to fit like your last pair did. I’ve seen three different drops of the same shoe all with significant size variations quite visible to the naked eye. Adidas’s customer service response…“Please be aware, different introductions of the same range, may vary in mould sizes, but will still meet the required specification and measurements for sizing. We always recommend customers try (sic) product on.” Word to that.