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PUMA Suede – Overspray

Puma follow up the MTV Rap re-working of the old-school Suede with the Overspray. As you’ll see from the pics, it’s a bit like some little vandal with a spraycan has been let loose on a set of Suedes. You’ll notice the smooth shine of the ‘paint’ gradually splatters out over the suede uppers itself in a not unfetching away. Also, it does mean that if you rock a pair of these and jack matching colour cans from Halfords for your next two-colour burner, you needn’t worry too much about getting drips on your kicks. As is often the case with these things, those crafty Japanese have got their hands on them first at Mita Sneakers.
Source/ Further info. and pics:nicekicks.com

PUMA Suede Skate

Compared to Nike SB’s high profile publicity, the marketing of the Puma skate sideline seems to be conducted more like a covert operation – so you might have missed these. The skate suede – pictured here in black and white and also available in red and white seems to be pretty much the Scott Bourne shoe without the slightly tacky Scott Bourne logo on it and is thus a vast improvement. It’s also going for just less than fifty quid in the UK, which for a quality skate shoe is pretty much unbeatable.