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STOOP KIDS: ‘Stoop Life’ video (2013)

I’m now experiencing the weather I was imagining when I first posted about New Orleans ‘doo-hop’ outfit Stoop Kids back in March so this video to Stoop Life, my favourite track off their What A World LP couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time. It’s too hot to be bouncing around at the minute. We all know how that ends up right? It’s all dehydration headache, sweaty pits and your

STOOP KIDS: What A World (2013)

Are you busy? I’m bastard well busy – so let’s talk about chilling out instead. You know – taking a pill. Taking it easy. Taking time out – kicking back, chillaxin’, relaxing, having some ‘me’ time, some free time, some motherfucking easy time. Yeah. Oh – we need a soundtrack. How about some doo-hop? Some sort of doo-wop/ hip-hop hybrid perhaps? The