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Easy Stickybuds Greg BlackmanDon’t worry, it’s not a Lionel Richie cover. The new collab between British Columbian producer Stickybuds and Essex soul boy Greg Blackman merely shares the same name. On Richie’s cheesy soul ballad, if you remember, he was all ‘easy like sunday morning’ about giving his clingy missus the kiss-off. This ghetto funk stomper on the other hand, sees Greg revealing how he finds it ‘easy to get funky all night,’ adding, moreover, that it’s ‘easy to

STICKYBUDS & FEATURECAST: 3-6-9 (2014) Free download

3-6-9 Stickybuds FeaturecastTwo of ghetto funk’s mightiest, Stickybuds & Featurecast, team up for one of the genre’s funkiest in some time for 3-6-9. Apparently it was just a little something the pair knocked out round at Featurecast’s place when Stickybuds was stopping over for a few days. Buzzsaw synths vie with funk and hip-hop samples throughout – not to mention a bit of eighties pop sax on the outro. Oh and let’s

STICKYBUDS & BOBBY C feat. JUNGLE BROTHERS: Party Remedy (2013) Free download

The fertile sonic soil of BC yields another crop in the form of this free download from Stickybuds and Bobby C. There’s something of both a funk and hip-hop pedigree here since the beat features horns and bass from the Fatback Band’s Got To Learn How To Dance recreated in a different key by Stickybuds, finished with drums from Bobby C and topped off with a chopped up Jungle Brothers

TREMENDO Vol. 1: Various (2011)

Telephunken drops the first release on his own label Tremendo here and it’s eight floor fillers from across the ghetto funk/ funky breaks spectrum from the likes of his own bad self, Stickybuds, The Captain, Tom Drummond, Bobby C Sound TV, Bryx, The Breakbeat Junkie and Ursula 1000. Basically you’re supplied with ammunition for virtually every style of breaks dj occasion: you’ve got your

GOODGROOVE: Regrooved Series XI

It’s refix time again and while the original versions of the tracks on here might have been around the block a few times that doesn’t prevent the dirty foursome assembled by the Goodgroove label giving them various kinds of ‘extreme makeover.’ Somehow I suspect the inspirational drug of choice during the making of these was MDMA. Except for The Captain who obviously washed downed several family packs of Haribo with a two litre bottle of Coke during the creation of H2H.
(Out now on Goodgroove)
(PRESS RELEASE) The Regrooved series is still doing what it does well, 4 huge and varied tracks from all over the world. The Captian aka Fab Samperi from Italy displays his skills with an uptempo bossa style version of a classic funk track. Slynk teams up with fellow Australian Tom Drummond to create a smooth breakbeat club track, Tom better known for his house production which you can hear coming through in the track. Slynk also has a big solo track on this vinyl, his 80’s styles are shining through in a big way here. Lastly Stickybuds from Canada brings his fat bass and solid beats, this track is a must have for all funky DJ’s that like it beefy.
Listen to Goodgroove: Regrooved Series XI
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