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Emmanuelle Jam EP Freethinker Funk EssenceSay the name ‘Emmanuelle’ to people over a particular age and it conjures images of a certain series of racy, soft focus seventies movies. This being the case, the minds of said people can only boggle at what ‘Emmanuelle Jam‘ could possibly be referring to. While certain people ponder that, let’s consider Freethinker Funk Essence‘s The Emmanuelle Jam EP a.k.a the percussive

MR BIRD: La Playa (Remixes) (2014)

La Playa Remixes Mr BirdDanny Massure’s Spring Strut Recordings takes it to the beach with this saucy remix package of La Playa from Lisbon’s funkiest UK ex-pat – Mr Bird. Naturally you get the sexy original of course which opens things up strutting around all oiled up and available. First to have a crack at a remix is Broso who tries it on with a moombah feel and then Stereo 77 has a go too, loosening things up

EMPRESARIOS: El Sonido Magico Remixed (2013)

What with it being half a year down the line from the release of EmpresariosEl Sonido Magico, it’s remix o’clock and a dirty baker’s dozen of producers have been assembled to show entrepreneurial innovation with the stems of the magic sound of Fort Knox Recordings‘ purveyors of tropicaliente. Which means that G Flux, Fort Knox Five, Omegaman, Bobby C Sound TV, All Good Funk