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STEPPA STYLE feat. DEADLY HUNTA: Work Hard (2015)

Work Hard Steppa Style Deadly HuntaAmazingly Steppa Style and Deadly Hunta manage to extol the benefits of working hard (you know, success and all that) for several minutes without it sounding like some sort of hollow corporate-management homily on Work Hard. It doesn’t hurt that a) they really mean it and b) their efforts are underpinned by a no-nonsense

STEPPA STYLE: No Sound EP (2014)

No Sound EP Steppa StyleFans of cheap racial stereotyping will be disappointed to learn that here is a Russian dancehall artist who has passed up the opportunity to call himself Boris Banton and perform a po-faced, half-cut turn over an offbeat balilaika-powered riddim. Fans of good dancehall on the other hand will be pleased to find a rather decent Dirty Dubsters reggae version of See The World

STEPPA STYLE: See The World (2014)

See The World Steppa StyleRussian mafi-er – reggae don, Steppa Style, will be inviting all and sundry to See The World shortly as he regales us with the authentic sound of Moscow reggae and dancehall music on his new album which, perhaps unexpectedly, sounds a lot like Jamaican reggae and dancehall music. And when I say ‘a lot’ I mean ‘identical to.’ Forget vodka-soaked atonal mumbling, this is all ganja