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THE DT6 – ‘Donkey Chop b/w Scotstoun Shuffle’ 45

Starla Records continue their run of quality releases by delivering two sides of funky excellence on their latest drop from The DT6. Donkey Chop is an uptempo instro that’s all about the wah-wah and the flute while Scotstoun Shuffle employs what, on the evidence of this, are the wildly underused vocal talents of Average White Band Drummer Paul Mills. This one’s a nifty little mid-tempo JB style song-about-a-dance-routine effort. They’re not fooling anyone though – I’ve seen the ‘Scotstoun Shuffle’ and it ain’t pretty.

THE DT6: (Theme from) The Baden Persuader/ EMELI SANDE & MARCO with THE DT6: Takes – 2009 – 7” review

Rating: ★★★★☆

Starla do their double A side 45 thing again and once more I find myself loving one track and running in fear from the other. I googled The Baden Persuader (the one I like) intrigued by the ‘Theme from’ prefix, expecting to find links telling me about some sort of German Get Carter style movie. All I got were references to this very track though, which, as it turns out, finds Starla house band The DT6 dropping eastern-sounding instrumental spy-flick funk so sinuous you could put a leather jacket on it and call it a snake. Flipside Takes, in contrast, comes across as an eighties update on sixties northern soul and for all the fact that Emeli Sande and Marco supply quality vocals, it’s got Costa Del Crime 80s mirrorball disco written all over it. Shiny and evil.

Starla Records – Myspace (Listen to Baden Persuader/ Takes)

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Glasgow’s Starla Records celebrate their debut release with a 45 from the label’s house-band The DT6.

This first release is a storming Hammond-led slice of funk entitled “Don’t Doubt Me”. Recorded in Glasgow with the cream of Scotland’s new generation of funk and jazz musicians, we hope it sets the tone for the label with a benchmark of quality and originality. The B-side is another DT6 track with the addition of vocals from Marco entitled “Open My Eyes”, a sweet and more laid-back track with a whole lot of soul. Read monkeyboxing.com review

Future releases will feature other artists and a variety of styles, but always with the Starla stamp of quality. Starla will be a vinyl-based label, with the focus being on limited-edition 45s. We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline for future Starla releases and there will be live/club events in the near future as well.

The label has been put together by djs Craig Loosejoints & Mark Robb (The Buff/Streetlife/Ecurie Weegie) and engineer/musician Marco Rea (Palamino/Rainbow Family) to showcase Scottish musicians and new artists from the country’s, and particularly Glasgow’s, vibrant music scenes.

Full details on Starla and ordering information is available from www.starlarecords.com where there will also be the latest news, as well as downloads of exclusive tracks and dj mixes.

Starla Records – Myspace

THE DT6: Don’t Doubt Me/ Open My Eyes – 2009 – 45 review

Rating: ★★★☆☆

I have a love/ hate relationship with this single from new Scots funk label Starla. I love the A side and I hate the B side. The instrumental A side – Don’t Doubt Me combines a snappy organic breakbeat with some of the most Ray Manzarek/ Doors-like keyboard playing I think I’ve ever heard on a funk track. Adding in a dash of wah-wah guitar it also shows admirable restraint by not overdoing the piccolo – Bamboos take note. Plus you gotta give mad props for the tartan label on the record. Then there’s Open My Eyes. Drawing from a much later era of funk it features a disco beat, the admittedly excellent falsetto vocals of Starla Records’ co-founder Marco Rea and a soaring chorus. It doesn’t so much tip its hat at the most insidious kind of ‘acid jazz’ as climb into it’s nasty corduroy flares whilst donning a black polo shirt and leather blazer. Evil. Very evil!

Listen to DT6 – Don’t Doubt Me/ Open My Eyes


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