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GHETTO FUNK: HYPE VOCALS sample pack feat. DIZZY DUSTIN & SAVANT a.k.a. Stanstro + scratches by JFB (2014)

Hype Vocals Ghetto FunkTired of all that trawling through old hip-hop cuts to find just the right hook or shout-out? Not to mention all that farting around chopping, filtering, tweaking the tempo till it’s just right so you lose track of time and then…oh for fuck’s sake your battery runs out before you saved it! What an arse ache! We’ve all been there – but hey – here’s the Ghetto Funk crew to make your life easy with the

SAVANT a.k.a. STANSTRO feat. DRAY BROWN: The Illest (2013) Free download

Savant is back on a heavy new Philly soul sampling number from Abstrakt Beats with fellow mic manipulator Dray Brown. It turns out The Illest is an eulogy to – well – the ‘illest.’ In the hip-hop sense, obviously. Savant and Brown’s lyrics contrast rappers who give it “wack” – dumbing their rhymes down to suck corporate cock, with the illest that rap – who, it seems, turn down the

SAVANT feat. Janien Hammonds & Makeda: Skin (prod. Satchill Head) (2011) – Free download

Emcee Savant’s latest pursues sultrier avenues than recent ‘jawns’ (he will insist on calling them that, he’s American you know) and he’s such a lady magnet he gets not one but two on his record – spoken word artist Janien Hammonds and singer Makeda a.k.a. TheeRedFox. Then he goes and gets producer Satchill Head to put together a beat which samples classic eighties soul legend Sade. The smooth operator

SAVANT: ‘Make Your Move’ remix competition (2011)

COMP. closed – CONGRATULATIONS to KRASH SLAUGHTA, for the winning ‘Bravehearts Brass Refix’

Calling all hip-hop producers, ghetto funk old-school plunderers, mash-up jockeys and other beatsmiths – it’s competition time! Earlier this year true school emcee Savant (a.k.a. Stanstro) linked with OHHLA and RapReviews to drop the fresh original Make Your Move (vid below) which was produced by Luke ‘Wagon Christ’ Vibert no less! Now the acapella is up for grabs! Use it wholesale, chop it, re-arrange and supply your own beats but whatever you do – make it bang!

SAVANT feat. Dibbz Dreek: Fresh She Is (Satchill Head’s Reprise) (2011)

The indefatigable MC Savant a.k.a. Stanstro is on it again, this time with Dibbz Dreek of Fresh Life Curriculum and a paean to this chick they both fancy. And it has to be said, she sounds rather attractive having: a “body like a poem, written in calligraphy,” rather well-off but still a bit street, “the type to have a two car garage go to work/ And still keep a doobie in the Luis Vuitton purse, word”

SAVANT (feat. Visions Of The Sun, Random, Mr Miranda & Medaforacle) (prod. by Marvel 76): State Bar AZ Cypher – 2011 – Free download

It’s yet another one from workaholic Tucson emcee Savant who this time invites a few of his mates around (apparently under the auspices of Donuts & Milk to drop a bomb-track posse cut over a beat from Marvel 76. It’s an uptempo affair, chock full of ill rhyme play about how dope Arizona hip-hop is (and judging by this, that’s fairly dope) with a rather interesting retro organ stabs throughout and fuzzy guitar chops on the outro. Don’t they have any TV in Arizona? The rate Savant’s putting stuff out

SAVANT: ‘Crash Course’ Leak Series – 2011 – Free download

In which Tucson-via-El Paso-via-Chicago (he gets around) emcee Savant (aka Stanstro) does what he does best…or fresh flows over fresh beats to you. For those who need a reference point Savant rocks it like early Mos Def, drops rhymes like “My heat brings more screams than rough sex scenes” and unlike more than a few rappers has a keen ear for a good beat – often dripping with soul.