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SONIC FUNK FOUNDRY: Washington D.C. (2015)

Washington D.C. Sonic Funk FoundryIt’s a sprightly pairing from Vienna’s Sonic Funk Foundry here as he forges single Washington D.C. for Spring Strut Recordings and digital flip Voz Do Brazil. The former finds a deep but cheeky organ groove adorning a hypnotic and funky dancefloor-friendly almost-latin rhythm while the latter gives voice to Brazil. Literally, since it features a Portuguese vocal over the sort of saucy samba-

CHAUNCEY CANFIELD: Rat Fink (Remixed)(2014)

Rat Fink Remixed Chauncey CanfieldChauncey Canfield’s rhodes-led 70s-style fatback groove Rat Fink pulls into the pit lane here to be remixed by an assortment of breakbeat mechanics. Spring Strut label boss Danny Massure tweaks the percussion while adding subtle horns and wah, Copycat bumps the tempo among other subtleties, DJ Moar gives it a b-boy ‘break’over and Beatphreak discovers the missing link between Chauncey Canfield and the late 90s


Rating: ★★★★★
The Oye! EP is Panama Cardoon’s follow-up to his superb cumbia/beats combo Carmen and delivers a ridiculously joyous slab of boogaloo atop a fat-ass rolling breakbeat. It’s partnered with the mellower but equally dope Pito which is less a track than the musical equivalent of pimp rolling down Havana’s Malecon. Latin samples and funky breaks together are just the don aren’t they?