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DJ PNUTZ: B-Girl Breaks (2015)

B-Girl Breaks DJ PNutzLet’s face it, the b-boy breaks and boom-bap hip-hop scene can be a bit blokey can’t it? The production equivalent of fart gags, belching and – well…farts. What is needed occasionally is the fragrant presence of female input – though sadly, that’s a far too infrequent occurrence. Happily though, here’s DJ Pnutz, Danny Massure’s new signing on Spring Strut with three slabs of quality

MR BIRD: La Playa (Remixes) (2014)

La Playa Remixes Mr BirdDanny Massure’s Spring Strut Recordings takes it to the beach with this saucy remix package of La Playa from Lisbon’s funkiest UK ex-pat – Mr Bird. Naturally you get the sexy original of course which opens things up strutting around all oiled up and available. First to have a crack at a remix is Broso who tries it on with a moombah feel and then Stereo 77 has a go too, loosening things up

HAMMOND CLASSICS: Gartagena (2013)

With a name like Hammond Classics you could be forgiven for expecting some sort of organ grooving KPM Allstars type outfit. Except that Hammond Classics is one man and the last couple of times I’ve caught him he’s veered between seventies style reggae and a skanking dancehall bootleg. It’s only natural then that this one is all about the latin breaks – cumbia-based ones to be specific. While